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Chance Dutayumi
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"To tell you the truth, I've just been avoiding everything."
Stylist of District 4
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Date of Birth 18th July, 1992
Nicknames My Second Chance (His Mother, Mary-Anne)
Location The Capitol
Physical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Blue
Skin White
Family Information
Parents Mary-Anne Dutayumi
Luke Dutayumi
Siblings Arianna Dutayumi (Deceased)
Half-Siblings N/A
Step-Siblings N/A
Grandparents Unnamed Granmothers (Deceased)
Unnamed Grandfathers (Deceased)
Aunts and Uncles N/A
Cousins N/A
Other N/A
Affiliation The Capitol
Home The Capitol


Chance was born to Mary-Anne and Luke Dutayumi in the Capitol, Mary-Anne and Luke had a daughter named Arianna, who died shortly after birth, leaving them devastated.

But soon Mary-Anne found out she was pregnant with Chance and was very happy. As soon as her was born she named him Chance as he was her "Second Chance".

As her grew up Chance discovered a talent of putting together and designing outfits and dreamed of being a stylist for the, widely know, Hunger Games. Soon his parents found out about his talent and dreams, and tried as much as possible to make him become a stylist for the games.

Soon Chance decided to be brave and sign up to be a stylist for the games after a position opened up.

People were impressed with his portfolio and decided to hire him. Shocked by the outcome, Chance, became more addicted to his work, constantly alone working on designs.

He is now working as, and has been since last year, as the stylist of District 4


The thing Chance most craves is love, he has never had a romantic relationship with anyone, and thinks he never will. He is every humorous but hard-working and hates it when people interrupt him while he is working