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Emma Jodie Jasmines
Biographical Information
Status Alive and 16
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Nicknames Em
Location District 7
Physical Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 6ft
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Greyish brown
Skin White
Family Information
Parents Isla Jane Jasmines
George Henry Jasmines
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Affiliation Herself, District 7
Home District 7

Name: Emma Jodie Jasmines Age:16 Gender: Female District Choice: 7 Appearance:Shoulder length brown hair and greyish brown eyes Personality:Emma is shy and hates to be the centre of attention. She is kind and loves her pet cat, Paws. Paws follows her everywhere even to school! History: Emma was born into a poor family who didn't have much time to be withher if they all wanted to stay alive. Her family was hoping for a strong boy to help out.Now that Emma is older she is able to be more of a help. But as a young child she was, as her father would say 'a waste of space'. Emma felt that the only person, if you could call her that, who accepted her and loved her was Paws, the loyal little cat that followed Em home after her first day of school at the age of 5.