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Evey Dawson-Fletcher
Tribute of District Eleven
Biographical Information
Status Alive
Date of Birth 19th January, 1997
Nicknames N/A
Location District 11
Physical Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Hair Colour Blonde/Rainbow
Eye Colour Blue
Skin White
Family Information
Parents Emily Fletcher
Kye Dawson
Siblings Josephine Dawson-Fletcher
Annabeth Dawson-Fletcher
Half-Siblings N/A
Step-Siblings N/A
Grandparents Lauren Fletcher
Melissa Dawson
Luke Fletcher
Martin Dawson
Aunts and Uncles Jennifer Dawson
Max Dawson
Cousins Catarina Dawson
Other N/A
Affiliation [[District 11]]
Home [[District 11]]


Evey is sensiable, intelligent and mature. She is kind, and caring. She is extremely loyal, and would never betray anyone, not even people she hates. After caring for her little sisters for a year, Evey is a no-nonsense kind of a person, who doesn't take no for an answer. She believes strongly in equality, and rights for everyone. Growing up in District 11 means she is an excellent farmer.


Evey has blonde hair, streaked with all the colours of the rainbow. She dyed it to proved she wasn't as sensiable as she first appears. Her eyes are a flawless blue colour, dark in the centre and lighter round the edges. She is 5'4" tall, quite small, and is thin, with large muscles. Evey tends to wear a load of mascara, as she doesn't like people looking at her eyes. She loves to paint her nails crazy colours, with random patterns.


Evey Dawson-Fletcher was born to the 15-year-old Emily Fletcher and 18-year-old Kye Dawson on the 19th January, 1995. She was a mistake, an accident and was treated like it two. Kye's parents kicked him out, on learning he was a father, so he took refuge with Emily and Emily's parents, Lauren and Luke. Evey lived quite happily for three years, before her two twins sisters were born. Another mistake. Just before she turned 19, Emily's mother was killed in the games. Kye went into a state of mourning, and in no fit condition to take care of the twins and Evey, left them to the care of Lauren and Luke.

Evey's life was normal. Lauren and Luke were farmers, who farmed the land around their home. She lived a happy life, until Luke passed away of severe brain cancer, leaving Lauren, aged 88, to care for the children. Evey was 10 and the twins 7. It was then that Lauren gave Evey a locket, that her mother had passed onto her. Four years later, Lauren passed away.

Evey was left to raise the two twins by herself for a year. It wasn't hard, they were 11, and old enough to know what was going on. They lived their lives as normal, until Evey was chosen as a tribute for their district, District 11. She is now 15, and the twins, Josephine and Annabeth, are 12.



Emily Fletcher Mother "I love her...I just wish..."
Kye Dawson Father "I don't really know, to be honest..."
Josephine Dawson-Fletcher Sister "Love her."
Annabeth Dawson-Fletcher Sister "Love her two..."