Issac Denton
Son of Wealth
(This Character Belongs to Nhlott)


Being the son of a Jeweler and a victor of the hunger games, Issac's life has not been difficult by any means. His mother always saw to it that he learn the finer points of stone cutting and recognizing the value of precious stones. His father, on the other hand, determined and convinced that he would be either reaped or would choose to volunteer for the games, taught him the finer points of combat and survival like he'd been taught years ago as a career tribute, though he didn't allow for him to be trained as a career, claiming it would "Boost his head up" too much. Issac quickly found himself adept in the use of a staff as well as a spear. With his mother's teaching, he became rather smart. And growing up in district 1, he developed a rather vain sensibility. He also cares deeply for his little brother, Jacob, and sees to it that their father isn't as hard on him as he was Issac, as well as tutor him in his studies, and teaching him the jewelry business in addition to their mother.

The Denton family never had any real financial issues, though did their best to help out the poorer families in the district,as well as the ones that became warped in debt.

Now being 17, The hunger games are by far, the last thing on his mind.

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Tribute of District 1
Golden Boy
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born November 25
Family Abe Denton (Father)
Naomi Denton (Mother)

Status Alive, 17
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Dirty Blonde
Height 6'4"
Affiliation District 1
Home District 1



Issac is very headstrong, proud and stubborn. He is used to getting things that he wants, even if it means taking them by force. He is flirty and is exceedingly outgoing. He follows orders and answers accordingly to all authority with the exception of the Capital




Issac is a Caucasian male. He is 6’3, 210 lbs. He has darker blonde hair and blue eyes. He is highly muscular with an athletic build.



A spear given to him by his father




Strength: 6




Skill: 3