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Lily Davian
Blonde Jungle by birds and boats
Member of District 4
Biographical Information
Status Alive and 12
Date of Birth Unknown
Nicknames Lil
Location District 4
Physical Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Blue-green
Skin White
Family Information
Parents Delia Davian
Richard Davian
Siblings Indigo
Half-Siblings None
Step-Siblings None
Grandparents Unknown
Aunts and Uncles Unknown
Cousins Unkown
Other None
Affiliation Herself, District 4
Home District 4


Born to two fishers, She has a older sister, Indie. Lives a mainly happy life. Her family however was poor, and Indigo had to take tereasse every year. Her parents were to scared to let Indie go to the reaping, instead they kept her and her sister at home. But the peacekeeper's found out. They killed their parent's. She now depends on her older sister. So if Indie were to be reaped Lily would be completely alone...


Lily is shy and loving. Determined and kind. She loves the outdoors and has a great taste for adventure. She absolutely adores swimming and is a great fisher. The person she loves and trusts most is her sister Indigo Davian, they go nowhere without each other, which is what would make it even worse if her sister is reaped for the games...

Biographical Information

Status: Alive and 12

Nickname: Lil

Location: District 4

Phisical Information

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue-green

Skin: White tanned

Family Infomation

Parents: Delia Davian and Richard Davian

Siblings: Indigo


Home: District 4

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